Premium Kourtney Statement Boots in Black/Grey/Suede [IMPORTED] - [RESTOCKED] *LAST FEW!

SIZE  35  36  37  38  39
LENGTH  ~22.5 cm  ~23 cm  ~23.5 cm  ~24 cm  ~24.5 cm  

Model Wears Her Usual Sizing - Size 38

Backorder Status:
Update Date: 14th Nov 2016

BACKORDERS/RESTOCKS Arrives Approximately In The 1st~2nd Week Of December! :) - ARRIVED & MAILED!
*PLEASE NOTE: Size Availability Is Still Pending & Orders Will Be Cancelled and Refunded In The Event Of Unavailability 

It's A Really Gorgeous Piece, The Wait IS Worth It! :)

* Order only if you are willing to wait.
* Full Refunds Will Be Made In The Event Of Unavailability Of Stocks