Obsessions Of The Damsel (OOTD) is a place where all modern women can fulfil their obsessions and desires from head to toe, at affordable prices. 
OOTD was founded with one main aim of helping women to dress with style and confidence, ensuring comfort and quality at the same time. 

While it is our aim to bring to you pretty apparels/items, each and every one of our products has undergone quality checks by our team, before reaching our customers' hands. Thus, you can be certain that quality at OOTD is never compromised! 

"Leaving No Damsel In Distress"
There's Always Something For Everyone, so... 
Shop With Us Today, You Won't Be Disappointed!! ^^

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Our team at OOTD is very committed to making shopping at our site an enjoyable and memorable, fuss-free experience for each and every single one of you. Hence, every single one of our customers is not just a customer to us! They are friends of OOTD, and thus, Your shopping experience does not just end after you click the confirmation/payment button. Interactive games, photo taking competitions, and other contests will be organised, in order to keep your daily life with OOTD a much more interesting and interactive affair. 

For any other enquiries, feel free to contact our Customer Service Team at 'shop@OOTD.SG' . We will get back to you very shortly.
The team at Obsessions Of The Damsel wishes all of our customers a pleasant experience at OOTD, and we sincerely hope to be of service to you soon. ;)




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